Built in 1824 by Sir Nicolas Trant, Bunnyconnellan was affectionately known by the locals as ‘The Cottage on the Rocks’. Neill (known to all as Jock) and Mary Porteous ran the hotel together for over 30 years, until Paddy and Sheila O’ Brien took the reins in 1976. Bunnyconnellan has remained in the O’ Brien stronghold ever since- today the newly refurbished venue is proudly run by their son Paul and his family. The O’Brien family celebrating 40 years in Bunnys, 1976-2016.

Rumour had it that the old house was named after four children- Bunny, Conn, Nell and Ann, although the name is really borne of a town in Co. Mayo.

Some Staff members of Bunnyconnellans


Bunnyconnellan has become a very popular destination for family gatherings, with a wide-range of menus to select from and a private function room available.

Perched atop the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic, Bunnyconnellan is a long-established, family-run restaurant with a history as rich as its surroundings. Affectionately known as “Bunny’s” among the locals, this venue boasts stunning views of Cork Harbour and offers a birds-eye view of Roche’s Point.

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